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3D Spotlight : Hardware : Kensington Turboball review

Kensington Turboball review
Posted by Adam Klein on April 14, 2000
Company: Kensington     Product: Turboball trackball

When sitting at your computer you want to have comfortable and quality input devices under your hands and fingers. In the past, I have used keyboards and mice that just didn't feel right. Either they were hard to push or too hard to move. Thatís why when I look for a computer keyboard or mouse, I have to feel it before I buy it.  It's hard to convey how well an input device feels and works in a review. One way is to give you my point of view and personal experience with the device. One device Iíve been testing for a while now is the Turboball which is Kensingtonís trackball.

I've actually used other Kensington trackballs in the past, all the way back when I was using a 486SX. That trackball was the one that got me hooked on using trackballs in the first place. In fact, every system I have had after that has had a trackball connected to it.

Over the past couple of years the trackball has become more and more feature-rich.  The TurboBall is just one example of the advancements trackballs have had over the years.


From the pictures I've seen on the Internet, I was under the impression it was a little bigger than it actually is. But, that was just an impression, itís not small by any means and after using it for a moment I found its size to be efficient. I have fairly long fingers and I still haven't had any problems with the size of it.

With the Turboball you have 5 buttons.  There are two buttons on both the right and left side and one button in the middle. The middle button is also the mouse wheel. This is my first time ever using a mouse wheel. I thought to myself, as I looked at the Turboball,  "I would never use a mouse wheel".  Boy was I wrong about that.  I browse the Internet a lot and I find that I can't view a web page without using the mouse wheel. It just makes browsing while reading a whole lot easier.

Even while writing this review I find myself using the mouse wheel. The mouse wheel has to be the best feature ever added to an input device in years.  Since the mouse wheel is in the middle of the trackball, I find that moving the thumb from the left side of the trackball to the center, or moving the index finger from the ball to the center is the best for manipulating the wheel.


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