Halo 4 articles

Microsoft tests cloud gaming service using Lumia 520

Microsoft is in the process of building its own cloud gaming service not unlike Sony-owned Gaikai. The goal of the yet-unnamed project is to stream games to Windows devices including the PC and Windows Phone according to sources familiar with…

Halo 4 Review: Master Chief is Back

People, especially gamers, seem to be afraid of change. That's understandable when it comes to the Halo franchise. Halo is a legacy. When Bungie introduced the sci-fi, FPS franchise over a decade ago, it wowed fans with a perfect formula of alien creatures and versatile weapons. It became a household name, and for good reason.

So change seems like it would be scary. Like it might ruin the integrity of something that's formed such an impressive community. Fortunately hardcore Halo fans can rest assured that 343 has stayed true to the core of Halo, and I urge them to keep an open mind when confronted by its new skin. Because that skin is beautiful.

Microsoft shows in-depth Halo 4 trailer at E3

In addition to showing off Xbox SmartGlass, a music service and additional content providers, Microsoft revealed more information about Halo 4 during their keynote at E3. The event opened with an in-depth demo that included a trailer and gameplay footage…