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Open webOS for mobile lives on as LuneOS

The Open webOS project is still alive and well. After over a year since the last major Alpha 2 update, the port has received a name change and is now going by LuneOS. While the latest release supports the Nexus…

HP said to be shopping around webOS mobile patents

HP is reportedly looking to offload some of its mobile patents to the highest payer. Included in the portfolio are patents related to webOS, the mobile operating system they inherited as part of the $1.2 billion acquisition of Palm in 2010.

Renowned tech executive Jon Rubinstein joins Qualcomm's board

Former Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein has joined Qualcomm’s board of directors. The tech executive, who most recently served as senior vice president of product innovation for HP, brings more than 30 years of experience to the table, Qualcomm said in…

Tech Fail! Biggest Flops of The Last 10+ Years

There are two surefire ways to have your name immortalized in history: succeed in your stride toward greatness or, as so many tech firms did in 2011, faceplant trying.

Fresh in our memory are failed products like the Blackberry Playbook, the PlayStation Network getting hacked, Microsoft's Kin smartphones, AMD's FX relaunch and Duke Nukem Forever. Those and a few others have served as inspiration for us to look further back and revisit some of the biggest flops of the new millennia, starting with what many consider Microsoft's worst OS ever.

HP TouchPad running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

The HP TouchPad may have left the factory running webOS, but that hasn't stopped developers from shoe-horning Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich onto it. The Cyanogen Mod team has been hard at work getting a version of Android 4.0 working…

HP gives $50 app credit to TouchPad early adopters

Early adopters of HP’s TouchPad tablet have a little less to be upset with after seeing prices drop sharply in recent days. Over the weekend HP announced that qualifying early adopters would receive a $50 credit for use in the…

HP TouchPad Review: How does it stack up?

The TouchPad is HP's first tablet effort running the webOS operating system that it acquired when it purchased Palm last year. Many users and lovers of webOS's blend of beauty and functionality have been waiting with baited breath to see how it performs on a tablet.

Has HP managed to take the best of webOS and implement it on the TouchPad while avoiding the pitfalls that have plagued the platform in the past? Is the TouchPad a compelling option compared to market leader Apple's iPad 2 or the less impressive Android 3.1 Honeycomb tablets currently available?

HP announces the HP TouchPad 4G, coming to AT&T

As leaked last week, HP has announced the HP TouchPad 4G on the AT&T mobile broadband network. The device will have a faster 1.5GHz processor, 32GB of storage, and integrated GPS. HP says that pricing and availability details will come…

HP TouchPad arrives early at Best Buy, Walmart

Although the HP TouchPad is supposed to launch at the beginning of next month, units have already arrived at Best Buy and Walmart. They don't appear to be on sale yet (though you can preorder), but HP is instead trying…

Walmart to sell HP TouchPad 32GB version for $600

WalMart will carry the 32GB version of the HP TouchPad with a $600 price tag. The news comes from a leaked internal listing obtained by PreCentral, and there's no mention of a price for the 16GB flavor ($500 sounds likely though).