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Apple iPhone 7 Plus Review

Apple has been following a "tick-tock" cadence of releasing a newly designed iPhone and following it up a year later with an optimized "s" variant. This year, however, Apple broke precedent by launching a third model on the same design. Yes, the iPhone 7 Plus looks a lot like the two iPhones before it, however upon closer inspection there are some unmistakable differences.

Zooming comes to Instagram on iOS and Android

You can now pinch to zoom in the Instagram apps on iOS and Android. For some bizarre reason it has taken Instagram years to implement a pretty basic feature, one that has apparently been requested frequently.

PicsArt adds AI to gauge your photo's individuality

I've said it before and I'll say it again: smartphones have afforded the overwhelming majority of Americans the luxury of having a camera with them at all times. It should come as little surprise then that there were more than…