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Super Talent launches TeraNova line of solid state drives

Super Talent has announced their fastest 2.5-inch solid state drive to date. The SATA3 TeraNova line uses a SandForce 2200 processor with optimized firmware to create what they call a blistering fast SSD available in multiple capacities.

Super Talent unveils SandForce-based TeraNova SSD

Super Talent is taking aim at the enthusiast solid-state drive market this week with the announcement of its new TeraNova SSD. Powered by the SandForce SF-2281 controller and 'optimized' SandForce firmware, the new drives can reportedly hit up to 540MB/s…

Super Talent announces Indilinx-based UltraDrive MT SSD

Super Talent has added a new member to its UltraDrive range of solid-state drives: the 2.5-inch UltraDrive MT. Equipped with a new Barefoot controller and Indilinx Martini firmware, the drive is said to deliver pretty impressive transfer rates at 255MB/s…

Super Talent launches portable USB 3.0 hard drive

Super Talent is continuing to expand its line of USB 3.0-equipped devices, this time with a portable hard drive known as the Storage POD. Enclosed in a slim, shiny black casing the drive offers 500GB of storage and reaches speeds…