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PC shipments sluggish in Q2 despite ultrabook push

Market research firms Gartner and IDC released separate reports yesterday suggesting PC shipments slowed down during the second quarter of the year, as shifting technology trends and a shaky economy dampened demand. The firms estimate worldwide PC shipments fell 0.1%…

Ultrabooks vs. 13" MacBook Air: Is the Apple Tax Real?

Earlier this week Apple announced updates to its entire notebook lineup, bringing it up to date with Ivy Bridge processors and a few other goodies. Like them, many other computer manufacturers have been showcasing new and updated laptops over the past few days and weeks.

Ultrabooks in particular received quite a bit of attention, and we’re not surprised. Intel is putting a lot of weight behind the concept and expects it to be the main driver of PC market growth in the short term. With that in mind, we’re taking a couple of Wintel alternatives to check how well they stack up next to the new 13-inch MacBook Air.

Intel Core i7-3720QM Review -- Mobile Ivy Bridge To The Test

Instead of breaking new ground in performance, Ivy Bridge improves efficiency, marking the arrival of Intel's 22nm design process which uses new 3D transistors. This allows the flagship quad-core 3.5GHz Core i7-3770K to consume less power than the more modest Sandy Bridge i5-2500K.

Granted, the 19-watt power savings we recorded in our tests probably won't excite desktop users, but it does present a tangible benefit for battery-bound mobile machines. Ivy Bridge's improved fuel efficiency should grant laptops a little more mileage away from wall chargers.

Rumor: Sunset planned for Sandy Bridge in Q3, makes way for Ivy Bridge

Based on information provided by industry sources, Digitimes reports that Intel will begin phasing out Sandy Bridge processors this September. Intel's recent announcement of several brand-new, dual-core processors allow Ivy Bridge to finally thrive in spaces where Sandy Bridge has remained a long-term…

Sony offers a free PS3 or Vita with back-to-school PC

Shopping for a back-to-school computer? Spend your money with Sony and you could walk away with a free gaming console. On the heels of Microsoft's promotion, the Japanese manufacturer has announced that students and faculty who purchase an eligible VAIO…

Sony intros VAIO T13 ultrabook, refreshes other series

Although it's well-versed in developing thin-and-light machines, Sony has been slow to ship a machine under Intel's ultrabook branding. That's changed today with the company unveiling its new VAIO T series as part of a major refresh. The system, as you might expect, is touted as the ultimate travel companion...

HP announces new Envy ultrabooks and 'sleekbooks'

HP is refreshing its notebook lineup with a trio of Envy Ultrabooks, a new EliteBook Folio for business users, as well as  a new aggressively priced thin-and-light brand of laptops called Envy Sleekbooks. All of them come with either 13.3-,…