11 weeks in, Android 7.0 Nougat has been installed on just 0.3 percent of devices

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The latest version of Google’s popular mobile operating system, Android 7.0 Nougat, is finally showing up on the Android Developer Dashboard.

Data collected during a seven-day period ending November 7, 2016, shows that Nougat is installed on just 0.3 percent of Android devices. For an operating system that reached general availability on August 22 (that’s 11 weeks ago as of this writing), that’s absolutely abysmal.

Android 6.0 Marshmallow adoption now sits at 24 percent while Lollipop accounts for 34.1 percent of the install base.

For comparison, Apple’s iOS 10 launched on September 13 and has been installed on 60 percent of devices as of October 25 (exactly five weeks). Another 32 percent of devices are running iOS 9 while just eight percent are using an earlier version, Apple says.

It’s hard not to sound like a broken record but there’s simply no way to ignore the massive pink elephant in the room that is fragmentation. It’s been a persistent issue with Android for years and there’s no evidence or incentive for the powers that be to do anything about it. In some instances, key players actually benefit from Android’s fragmented platform.

Handset manufacturers and wireless carriers are largely to blame for the fragmented landscape as the skins and overlays they utilize further complicate and delay the rollout of updates.

In theory, manufacturers and carriers could eliminate custom user interfaces and ship devices with vanilla versions of Android but that goes against their business model of generating revenue from third-party apps (bloatware) that come pre-installed on devices. What’s more, it’s a lot easier for a carrier to sell you a new phone with the latest version of Android if the firmware on your existing device is old and can’t be updated.

Digital Trends is also correct in its assessment that having such a huge number of devices running outdated versions of Android is a serious security concern. It also looks bad to tech folks like you and I but odds are, the average consumer has no idea about the issue (nor do they probably care). And as long as Android is winning the market share battle, what incentive does Google really have to try and fix things?

Fragmentation also means that consumers are missing out on the latest and greatest features that Android has to offer. Even if their current mobile device is powerful enough to handle new experiences, they won’t ever have the opportunity unless they buy a new device.

Trying to force manufacturers and carriers to roll out updates in a timely manner is essentially a double-edged sword as doing so would go against the open source nature that Android’s foundation is built on.

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If it was available for my device, I would install it, and my phone is pretty new so it should be comming soon, damned carriers and their bloatware =/
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I blame the american telecom companies for this. they are the single biggest reason why android phones are made like this.


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This has been the Achilles heel of an android phone. I blame manufacturers to this. After they release a new phone, they create or rebrand another phone and left it in the shadows and the cycle goes on. They put their resources in keeping the hardware up to date but not the software. God bless the android dev comm for custom roms but the technicality and complexity will scare normal people. They will just use that time to be with their family, drink beers, watch nba than reading a long thread on how to install a custom rom.

La la la la la la

BTW Im with my family, finished watching nba and drinking beer.

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If it was available for my device, I would install it, and my phone is pretty new so it should be comming soon, damned carriers and their bloatware =/
And that is why android sucks, well actually not android but third parties that are not bothering to keep their models up to date, but instead are releasing new ones and forcing you to buy new if you want to have your OS up to date.
And I am not an apple fanboy, I never owed apple product, but if not cheap xiaomi devices I would defintelly consider an iPhone since windows phone is pretty much dead.
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They (Google) don't care about fragmentation as long as some Android version still runs on your device. All they want is to become Apple II - sell you overpriced hardware while cutting costs on design and innovation departments. Is that simple - if they would care about fragmentation they wouldn't pushed Iphone_wanna_be_Pixel to the markets.


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"What’s more, it’s a lot easier for a carrier to sell you a new phone with the latest version of Android if the firmware on your existing device is old and can’t be updated."

Nailed it on the head, why would a carrier roll out updates that cost them money to develop when they can simply push a new device on you? If only we could get the firmware without all the bloatware garbage no one really wants, needs, uses... I wish I could delete all the carrier specific apps and more specifically the social networking BS.


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Guess that they should just release the images and you can flash them under your own risk.


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I've been on Nougat for about a month now. Nexus 6P.

I haven't really noticed any changes except the way notifications are presented. Other than that it feels like Marshmallow so I don't think most people are missing out.


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Got 7.0 on my Nexus 6 and, on my $14 Alcatel wifi-only old-games phone, I've got Android 4.1.1.
And, truthfully? There is barely any difference.


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Lets face it, if you use android you are used to this. It will never change as most people upgrade after 2 years, so manufacturer's don't care.

My Galaxy player is stuck on 2.2, my Galaxy camera is stuck on 4.1 and my S4 mini is stuck on 4.4.2

The best device I have used so far is my 3 year old Advent Vega Tegra Note 7 tablet licenced by Nvidia, running stock Android. It has had Android 4.1 4.2 4.3 4.4.2 4.4.4 and now runs 5.1, not bad for a £100 device.
I'm really hoping Nvidia brings out a new version of the Shield tablet, as I'm looking to upgrade soon.


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Google threw me under the bus when I bought a new Huawei expecting to get the latest updates, (Stuck with 4.3) and then again with a Nexus 6P. I am on 7.0 but understand that the new Pixel will only get further updates. Bye Bye Google. No more of your products.