12 Tips to Reduce Your Monthly Wireless Bill

Julio Franco

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Wow, not one Windows Phone mention. We have a decent used market. We use WhatsApp, Viber, etc. The Nokia Express browser does compression.


TS Rookie
The Android version of Onavo Extend is only good for phones that run 4.0 (ICS), it doesn't work with anything newer.


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Awesome, just saved 15% on my AT&T bill because I'm in graduate school. Boo on Verizon though, no discounts for my student email address nor my daughter's.

Jad Chaar

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Unlimited texting is becoming more and more common and there is no real use for apps like Whatsapp.


No one cares about windows phones I think the windows 8 phone interface is tacky and you have way more app options with android and ios.