2.5" HDD recovery

By OCSS_Andrew
Dec 31, 2012
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  1. Got a customer that came in with a 2.5 External HDD. To cut a long story short, basically what is going on is that Windows doesn't recognize the drive being there under Computer, but under Disk Management the drive is there. I've taken the drive out of its enclosure and directly input the SATA connector to the Mobo. but under Disk Management its not assigned a letter and the name is actually blank. I've already tried to assign it a letter but it unfortunately doesn't allow me to do that. So to recap, Disk Management see's it but Computer doesn't.

    So what I have done so far to try to fix this problem is first I ran Spinrite, ran it at level 2 and it couldn't fix the issue. Second I have tried the freezer trick, none of those worked.

    Now the drive isn't making any obvious sounds, no clicking or whirling sounds. Sounds like a functioning drive and spins up just fine. Id try to do a CheckDisk but id need to be able to assign it a letter to command chkdsk to fix volumes /F & /R on that drive to work. If anybody has any work around or a temporary hotfix for me id appreciate it. I only need it to work once to be able to transfer files over onto my Tech HDD.
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    Nevermind, after hours upon hours of grueling testing and troubleshooting I found that the problem was that it was a HDD for a mac/linux. I had to go into unbuntu and mess with Nautilus to be able to get the permissions to access the drives folders.

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