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2 Monitors Have The Same Settings But Show Up Different Sizes

By MysterioMask
Oct 18, 2013
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  1. Let me start off saying I actually have 3 monitors, but my 3rd monitor is an old one and shouldn't matter at this time since its SD and not HD.

    I have 2 other monitors though. Both are HD televisions One is like 28 inch, the other is 60 inch. the 60 inch one is connected to my cable for tv as well. Everything was working fine for a long time till I downloaded windows 8.1.

    Now I have both set to the highest settings of 1920x1080. But when I move things from my 28inch to my 60 inch. The things on the 60 inch are giant and blown out of proportion now.

    I tested this with internet explorer and if I have internet explorers zoom settings set to 100% on the 28 inch. When I move the window to the 60 inch. It suddenly reads it at 160% zoom. And if I set it to 100% on the 60 inch and move it to the 28 inch, it reads it at 63% zoom. It didn't used to do this. Also this happens with games now which is even far worse. If im in the 28 inch everything is fine, but if I move a game window over to the 60 inch, everything becomes scrunched together and text is blown up to huge proportions and I don't even know how to fix this for gaming.

    The odd thing is. The desktop background and toolbars are all set to the proper size and look the same across both monitors. Or if they aren't. I cant detect any discernable difference like I can if I move a window from one to the other. BUT its clear that the mouse pointer is much larger on the 60 inch tv.

    Is this an issue with 8.1 something else im doing wrong? Is there a way to lock everything or at least games and internet explorer to be just normal and the same betwixt the 2?

    This might seem like just a minor annoyance at least for browsing the interent. But if im gaming it just screws everything up. Can anyone offer any help please?

    I can give graphic card settings and even screen shot the difference between the 2 if youd like.
  2. MysterioMask

    MysterioMask TS Booster Topic Starter Posts: 128

    I have mostly fixed the problem! In the resolution settings there is an option that says make text and other items larger or smaller. For some odd reason all of the different monitors were set to different sizes. After switching all those to a small size. That immediately fixed the issue with games looking blown up and gargantuan on my 60 inch tv. But the charms bar was still huge. So going to the settings through the load up screen and not desktop mode in windows 8 I went to the settings and in the display settings there was another option for toolbars and whatnot which was set to default only on the 60 inch tv. When I set that to small like the rest that fixed the issue with that. So everything seems to be fixed right........ sadly no its a lot better than it was but not completely fixed yet.

    While for gaming its definatly fixed. When I move an internet window from one to the other monitors the zoom sizes still change size between the 3 monitors. While this isn't a big issue since its something I can deal with. I would like to fix it if I can. What I would really like is to know if theres a way I can lock the zoom mode betwixt all 3 monitors for the internet settings. I checked the internet options and didn't notice anything that stood out to me for locking for fixing that.

    When I was at my work computer it has 4 monitors, 3 are the same and 1 is a large tv. I noticed that when I moved stuff into the large tv such as an internet window, it didn't change the zoom size on my work station so im wondering what the difference is between them.

    On a side note. For some reason when I start up games now most start up in stereoscopic mode. I figured out that ctrl+t shuts it off in most cases but it didn't used to do that and in my NVidia settings I cant seem to find any option for 3d vision/stereoscopic mode. This may require a full post but figured id ask it here for now.
  3. MysterioMask

    MysterioMask TS Booster Topic Starter Posts: 128

    Second Update here.

    The stereoscopic issue has now been fixed with a new update that just came out with my video card driver.

    The zoom change is still happening when I move internet windows from one monitor to another though.

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