20" LCD WideScreen OR 4 x 3?

By cyberized
Aug 31, 2006
  1. I am seriously considering buying a 20" LCD to replace my 19" Viewsonic CRT - and at first I figured that the way to go would be to a 20" LCD Widescreen. As I have been reading more - now - I am not so sure and NEED advice of someone who is in the "know". There are mainly two sticking points that I need to clarify and/or understand:
    1) Resolution: many that I have read say that LCD's unlike CRT's are only really excellent to look at when run at the "Native Resolution"; others contradict that and say there's works fine at lesser resoluutions. IF I had to run everything at 1600x1200 I would not be able to read anything w/o a magnifying glass. My Nvidia EVGA 7800 GT offers a multitude of resolutions BUT offers none at 1400 x -------- , which some are native at. That is #1 - "Native Resolution" and non-Native R's?
    2) Some I have read and this was changing my mind alot - say they'd rather stay away from Widescreen 20" and go with 20" 4x3 because they say it gives them MORE actual screen size and also feel better for them VISION wise to go with one with a lower native Resolution, ie. N.R. of say 1280x1024 - - - then they can run it in NR and be able to READ the "writing on the wall". THIS seems to make sense to me and is leaning me away from what I wanted - a WideScreen.

    I run my 19" CRT at 1024 x 768 and still need to set font size on large to be comfortable reading things.

    PS - Mainly use for Web Browsing and Games!

    Please advise,

    TKS Michael
  2. LNCPapa

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    Because of the last couple of lines you wrote I would recommend YOU not get a 20" ws lcd. Don't get me wrong - I'm all about the widescreen and I run at 1920x1200 - but I also use standard size fonts at that resolution.

    I'm firmly believe that 99% of LCDs only look their best at the native resolution. If you game then make sure you have a video card that can play all the games you play at the LCDs NR.

    I also know that you get more actual realestate with a smaller aspect ratio - but I still prefer widescreen over non. I refuse to buy moves that are fullscreen, I won't rent a movie that is fullscreen even if all the widescreens are rented out, and I refuse to purchase PC games that don't support widescreen in some form. That being said I should point out that it's all about personal preference. I prefer widescreen with high resolutions and small fonts. I also know that I have better than 20/15 vision and I'm extremely picky about the way things look. This might not be the case for you.
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