750i Chipset Running Hot, MB Temps 45+

By EXCellR8
Sep 23, 2008
  1. Having a slight issue with system temps, hopefully didn't fry anything. I was playing a game and the video cut out but I could still hear the sound going. The hard drive was being accessed every now and then too so the system didn't really "crash." I did not get any blue screens but I had to manually restart the computer...

    I opened up the case and started feeling around for temps. I touched the video card which was hot, but it's an HD4870 so I figured that to be normal. I touched the CPU cooler which was only warm but then I put my finger on the NB cooler... The cooler was hot enough for me to pull my finger back, so I installed the cooler that came with my mobo. This cooler is only supposed to be installed with a passive or water cooler because of said internal CPU airflow... but I can't really see a problem with having it installed anyways.

    My problem seems to be motherboard ambient temperature, rising to 45c+ and producing a red indicator with PC Probe II which reads temps directly from BIOS. The CPU temp is actually staying lower than the ambient which leads me to believe that something is wrong. I have some Tuniq TX-2 that I could try applying to the 750i but I'm looking for other suggestions on what I should try first, before I pull my mobo out and rip off the NB cooler. So, if anyone has any input I'd appreciate the help. Thanks in advance.
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