8 Steps Completed

By mikogoincyco93
Jul 16, 2009
  1. 8 Steps Completed Please help Desperate

    Everything was working well before, until I get home yesterday. I go to open up AIM and it logs me in. Once I get my buddy list my computer freezes. That's only with one screen name all other's work. Another problem is my firefox crashes frequently for no reason and my itunes freezes after a few seconds. I tried uninstalling them to reinstall but everytime I try to download it my browser freezes up too!

    Please Help me I'm in huge distress because if I can't access iTunes I can't sync my contacts to my new phone (and believe me I have many contacts)

    Even when I go on Meebo. It freezes up(Meebo is another way you can access your AIM Screen name online.

    Ok here's my log

    When I tried to upgrade my Java runtime environment it would not let me and said that the Administrator has set his policies to prevent this installation
  2. mikogoincyco93

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    Can somebody please help me???
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