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Aug 12, 2008
  1. Hi, I have a huge movies collection and my friends often borrow my movies. I sometimes lose track of who has which of my movies or simply forget that I had lent a movie and so they end up getting lost (Lost Movies Count: 6 :mad:).

    The reason I am discussing this is because I want a program in which I can write down all my movies, categorize them and puts notes on the ones that I lent. There are 5 choices I would like you all reading my post to choose from:-

    1. Share with me a program that can do all I discussed and maybe do even more
    2. If you have a diploma in computer programming or are just god gifted, built me a program (Hopefully for FREE:D) that can do all I discussed.
    3. If you have the computer-know-how but do not have the time, advise me how I could make my own program:grinthumb
    4. Spread the word that there is a person looking for a program that does so or that there is jerk asking people to make programs for free.:approve:
    5. Just read this message and take the blue pill forgetting that you ever read this post.:cool:

    The choice is your, choose wisely or else...... well nothing just help me please.
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    That giveaway would have been perfect. Well I think I will try the trail version anyways. Please do keep the suggestions coming though.
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    When you think about it, it is simply a text file manipulator that you want to alphabetically sort/list the Movies and then contain data about them and borrowers, etc.

    So, you make a Folder Movies and enter all the names 1 at a time as individual Notepad files, eg:

    folder - Movie

    file - Adam and Eve Bite the Apple, data
    file - Bad People Get the Boot, data
    file - Cooking with Bad Apples, data, Sam borrowed this (date)
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    I share info with a couple friends of mine on what movies I have, they also share what they have, we do this by just creating a spreadsheet in Google Docs and giving each of us full permission on it. On there is data like name of the movie, and its current location. Then anytime anything changes we (whoever had the change) edits it to reflect that change. This probably isn't what you are looking for, but it sort of accomplishes the same goal, and its free.
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