Acer Aspire Z5771 touchscreen does not work on Windows 8

By woxa ยท 24 replies
Oct 5, 2012
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  1. Hello guys. I ask for help in forums very rarely. Usually I search and research and try and solve problems my self. But this one just killed my hopes... As title says I can't get Win 8 to work with my Acer Aspires Z5771 (all-in-one) touch screen. Everything works fine except screen responding to a finger touch. On Windows 7 all worked perfectly well, as soon as I upgraded to Win 8 screen decided to disable it self. I have done everything I can think of... I have put different HDD with Win7 in and touch screen started to work again, than went back to Win 8 and same happened. I have went through every single setting, but didn't get any luck, I tried searching for touch screen drivers for this model but didn't find any, than downloaded different model touch screen all-in-ones drivers - that didn't help either. I have spent couple days googling for this issue but to no avail. Please help me, throw everything you have got at me.
  2. woxa

    woxa TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Any1 got any ideas?
  3. roccosilverstar

    roccosilverstar TS Rookie

    Did you manage to get it fixed yet? I upgraded today and not able to find the software for the touch screen. Cant get touch screen working at all.

    I have same pc
  4. Wendyjane

    Wendyjane TS Rookie

    Hi guys, I have the same PC and I was thinking of upgrading to Windows 8 until I saw this. Is there any solution to this issue?

  5. Michael Sorrell

    Michael Sorrell TS Rookie

    I am having the same problem.
    I telephoned Acer Support on Friday, (26/10/12), when Windows 8 launched, but got no help at all. After a long and expensive call, I was eventually told to contact Microsoft.
    Which I did.
    But I got no help from them either. After an even longer online session, where my computer was controlled by a guy at Microsoft, I was told by him, (Jody G), that all he could do was tell the "higher ups" about the problem.
    I think we will just have to wait for a new driver to be written or go back to Windows 7.
    It is all very frustrating, the reason I got the Z5771 was that it had a touch screen and I was looking forward to it running under Windows 8.
  6. a littleton

    a littleton TS Rookie

    Hi all, same touchscreen issues and I've noticed the media card reader doesn't work either along with a few minor programmes like
    I too have spoken Acer and Microsoft with no joy, there's no clear time frame for any drivers either.
    p.s woxa, did it reinstall media centre when you went back to windows 7 as I've last that as well now on windows 8.
  7. a littleton

    a littleton TS Rookie

    Just noticed the remote doesn't work either, anyone else with the same issues
  8. Sippie66

    Sippie66 TS Rookie

    Is does NOT work either on a Acer Z5600 :(
    No response from Acer, and no response from Microsoft.
    But I watch some vids on youtube where people got it working on a beta version of Windows 8,
    so I presume it is possible but they do not want to share it with me ...
  9. blueheels

    blueheels TS Rookie

    Guys discovered that my windows update would not allow driver updates using the recommended troubleshooter from Microsoft
    windows gave no indications it was turned off
    trying to reload the drivers now
  10. a littleton

    a littleton TS Rookie

    Any good blueheels did it work? Just about to restore to win7
  11. a littleton

    a littleton TS Rookie

    Went back to win7pro via the 4 recovery disks I made when I first bought the pc. All works fine now as its should. I personally shall wait now until this pc's drivers are all compatible with win8pro. Could be a long wait as Acer didnt now when the drivers would be ready.
  12. rdani3

    rdani3 TS Rookie

    Was anyone able to get a concrete answer from Acer or Microsoft about a timetable for the new drivers?
  13. a littleton

    a littleton TS Rookie

    It's Acers responsibility to sort the drivers and they had no timeframe when I waisted an hour of my life talking to them. Acres customer service is shocking to say the least
  14. Wendyjane

    Wendyjane TS Rookie

    Email from Acer:

    We apologize for the delay in responding to your e-mail.

    We sincerely appreciate your efforts in updating us with the information.

    We understand your concern and regret the inconvenience caused to you.

    Regarding your query, we are sorry to inform, as of now we do not have any update regarding touch screen.

    Our technicians are working on this issue.

    We will let you know once the update is released.
  15. red_since_78

    red_since_78 TS Rookie

    Hi Guys,

    Not sure if you know but Acer have now released the updated driver for the touch screen I've installed it and it works :0) just use the link Wendy posted (its been updated)
  16. blueheels

    blueheels TS Rookie

    I have loaded the Ideacom driver from the Acer Site and it works

    I am now looking to see what to do with windows 8 and that touch screen as it is still a fairly traditional Win 7 look and feel on the desktop
  17. Mal Snaize

    Mal Snaize TS Rookie

    I followed Wendyjane's instructions and downloaded/ran the setup; system indicated update complete and restart required - still no joy, still no touch :-(
  18. granddadjoe

    granddadjoe TS Rookie

    Hi there I have acer Z5610, I recently loaded windows 8 onto it and lost use of touch screen.
    I traced fault back to PCI standard PCI-to-PCI bridge (matrox filter) once removed touch screen now works,
    hope this helps.
    BTW I'm only 76 LOL
  19. Mal Snaize

    Mal Snaize TS Rookie

    Thanks Granddadjoe, I looked but I dont seem to have that driver installed.

    Thanks Acer.....still touchless :)
  20. KennyG

    KennyG TS Rookie

    Hi guys, I am currently experiencing the same problem with my Acer Aspire Z5177 touch screen all in one. I bought a Window 8 Pro a year ago, and only recently install it, cause I heard that the window 8 was not stable, just wanted to hang on a little longer for it to be settled. However; I am now experiencing the same problem as you guys did awhile ago, could anyone help to solve this problem, or is there a new update that I have missed? the volume of my speaker not working efficiently since I have install this window 8 pro, also the touch screen feature is disable. please could anyone help?! Or should I go back to the Window 7 instead?
  21. roccosilverstar

    roccosilverstar TS Rookie

    I installed windows 8 and then went to 8.1, the first time I installed pro the installation failed and messed up my pc. I had to do a complete reinstall. I would see if there are any drivers out there to help you. The only hardware problem I had was the screen and it was fixed but since then I have disabled it. Sorry couldn't be more help to you.
  22. red_since_78

    red_since_78 TS Rookie


    If you go to the Acer site - Driver dowmloads

    Put the model number in
    Then select Windows 8 (Upgrade from windows 7)

    You'll then see the option to download the updated Touch - Ideal Com Driver

    Worked for me hope it does for you
  23. Sippie66

    Sippie66 TS Rookie

    I got it all working with Windows 8.1!!!
  24. correobasi

    correobasi TS Rookie

    Can you explain your solution? I've Z5610 (Windows 8.1) and touchscreen don't work. Thanks.
  25. Stuart Forrest

    Stuart Forrest TS Rookie

    I went to the 8.1 upgrade drivers page (even though I did a fresh install) and installed the touch driver and it works great now.

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