Acer Ferrari one LCD screen makes movable horizontal white lines

By ladywolf
Oct 29, 2010
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  1. about a half an hour ago my laptop acer ferrari one started to behave strangely, at the beginning only a couple horizontal white line started to move up and down on my screen. Sometimes it gets worse and can't use the laptop at all but most of the time is mild. the laptop is new, was bought this year in february, the lcd screen broke once due to unknown reasons (my husband thinks is delamination) and it was changed about a month a go so that's new idea why ot behaves like that it has never been droped, or wet or anything i take good care of it.

    ps now i have no image left on the laptop, it's grey....
  2. ladywolf

    ladywolf TS Rookie Topic Starter

    just to add the damage to the previous lcd had the appearance of liquid damage, but we are 100% sure that no liquid was spilt on the machine and there were no signs of liquid ingress or disruption when the unit was stripped to replace the lcd (strangeley liquid damage was what acer decided and refused to provide me evidence). Anyway further information, we have a display out of the vga port so i pressume it isnt the graphics card. the vga cable has been traced checked for snags or squishes and appears fine and both ends are clean, undamaged and plugged in properly.

    the flickering white lines occured over a period of 30-60 mins and gradually worsened untill we were left with a gray screen, Does this sound like a LCD failiure bearing in mind it does have a long warranty but is an ebay item?

    Cheers Brett (ana's husband)

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