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Acer M460

By Mike Allen
Jan 6, 2015
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  1. If your Acer M460 does not start up. Don't fret! I found a simple solution. With the computer turned off.

    1. Remove side panel.
    2. Reach inside and hold exhaust fan so it can not move.
    3. While holding fan. Push the on button, on the front panel.
    4. Listen for the "beep" sound.
    5. After you hear the "Beep", release the fan. The fan will start up after a second or two.
    P. S. Do not let fan move until you hear the "beep" first.
    Many suites on the web say it is the "capacitors". NOT TRUE!

    I had this year for over a year. When I turned off my Acer M460. Sometimes it would not start up. I got so and, I cut the wires inside the computer. Purchased another used M460, it did the same thing.
    Figuring I needed new caps. I purchased a set of the two biggest caps. Then I needed a soldering gun. Then I needed to desolder the caps already on the board. Then I purchased a rework station. So far I have only used the air gun.
    Starting yesterday. This procedure works for me. It will work for you as well.

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