ACTA suffers overwhelming defeat in European Parliament


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The European Parliament has defeated the international Anti-Counterfeit Trade Agreement, also known as ACTA, with a decisive 478 votes against the controversial treaty versus just 39 in favor and 165 abstentions. While 22 of the 27 European member states had…

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Time is passing ,young people are geting important places in politician, soon, all these companies that use the system against the people, will surfer a major setback....just a warning whats is coming to you.
The time to stop is now ! ACTA is dead, soon u will be too !


[LEFT][FONT=Ubuntu]Speaking with lead negotiators of ACTA from the Department of Foregn Affairs and Trade, we met with boastful unelected staff who were proud of the almost air-tight secrecy and held a disgusting lack of enthusiasm or even initiative to conduct any kind social or economic impact study to protect the hard working citizens and families of this nation. These are the same people negotiating the TPP on behalf of Australians and I think we need to be vigilant and ruthless with our ongoing campaign for transparency and accountability on these rogue departments of unelected representative’s holding our country to the ransom of international corporate interests.[/FONT][/LEFT]
[LEFT][FONT=Ubuntu]David W. Campbell
Pirate Party Australia[/FONT][/LEFT]


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"The agreement wasn?t expected to make any substantial changes to US or European law. However, once ratified, ACTA could be used by Western governments to convince or even strong-arm poorer countries into adopting stronger copyright protection and enforcement laws."

So it wasn't going to affect people in the US or Europe, it was only going to make it easier for them to stop poor countries from making fake stuff and stealing. Strange they voted it down. I guess those makers of fake Prada have more pull than we all thought. :)