Advice please on C-drive maximum size for performance

By Sarmad
Aug 14, 2011
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  1. For these day's hard disks to use as System C-drive (for operating sytem and programs), is there a recommmended maximum size before the performance slows down (due to longer seek times, etc)? I'm referring to conventional hard disks, not SSD. I remember a few years ago, for speed purposes, anything bigger than 500 GB was advised to be avoided for the C-drive as load times were becoming noticeably longer. Is this still the case with today's systems?

    I'm planning to build a new i7 2600K gaming system, and I'm not quite ready to go SSD yet. My HD will be Western Digital SATA-6 64 MB cache, such as the WD1002FAEX, and will be used as my C-drive as a single partition. While OS + software will go on this System drive, all my personal files (documents, videos, pictures, etc) will go be stored on another drive which I'll have as big as possible and I don't mind how slow that one becomes. My options for C-drive size are 500 MB, 1 TB, 1.5 TB and 2 TB. Which one would perform the fastest, do seek times increase as used space increases, or does it make no more difference anymore with modern advancements? And is it adviseable to have the OS swap files on a separate drive or same drive as OS?

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    These questions have been asked and answered over and over for the last ten years or so... I have a 1TB drive C, RAID setup (2 500GB Seagate SATA drives) for my OS and everything else, and a separate 420GB drive used as a backup drive for my music, documents, downloads and pictures. With today's CPU's, memory capacity and great computing speeds, swap files really aren't necessary at all... I have never experienced any benefits moving the Windows swap file to another drive separate from the OS. I really don't use full drive image backups either for my small business

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