Aereo launches new site to lay out its arguments ahead of US Supreme Court appearance

Justin Kahn

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Controversial broadcast TV streaming company Aereo has been getting into a lot of trouble with TV networks and is set to appear in front of the US Supreme Court next week. Ahead of its opening arguments, the company has launched...

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If they are willing to stream Over-The-Air content, they have no say in how it is being received, recorded, or sold. The only way to fight Aereo is to offer the same services at a competitive price. Or stop streaming Over-The-Air content and charge places like Aereo to capture/broadcast (aka: subscription).


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The comical thing is that NONE of those itsybitsy antenna's are actually used to capture the OTA broadcast!

There would be little+no argument if the customer were capturing the broadcast and then uploading it to the "cloud" for their own personal use later however in this case Aereo is doing the capturing FOR the customer and then illegally retransmitting it to the customer. (the exact same thing that Cable and Dish services do - except that THEY kick back to the networks they rebroadcast from)

The company is simply attempting to push a business model through a loophole.

The same concept applies to Radio - excepting that many radio stations have their own free streaming services available via their websites.


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I am getting over 71 channels OTA today. Most of the channels are the same ones you get off CATV. We are talking about 1080i HD in 5.1 Dolby Digital Sound on certain channels on OTA. I can record 1080i HD in 5.1 Dolby Digital Plus Sound on WMC which is a laptop running i3 core, 8GB DDR3 RAM, an external USB HD. For cooling I use are large 120mm laptop fan with variable speed. Attached Logitech Harmony 700 with U-IR and Logitech MK350 with MK710 all wireless. This stays on 24/7.

I've saved a ton of money ditching CATV back in mid 2012. I use Netflix to take up the slack. Redbox and Amazon Videos I really don't even bother with.

This company should run it's own OTA or share what's on there already. The market is tight already. CATV giants will notice how many will drop $2,000 to $3,000 a year for their triple services with all the taxes and rental fees they have tack on a service that started to be only $10 a month with just HBO.