Aereo to deliver streaming TV service to Android devices starting October 22

Shawn Knight

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In a move that is sure to ruffle the feathers of traditional broadcasters more than ever, controversial online television broadcast company Aereo is planning to launch an Android app on October 22 via the Google Play store. The app will...

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Free tv is free tv. Or did the fire and brimstone for time warner/cbs make them brave? "God" showed them. In the same way, cable companies can lower the bill by getting these broadcasts free. Maybe then I'll go back to cable. They have commercials.


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It is a better value than paying through Cable, which is about 12 bucks plus the cost of the cable box rental per month.

After the switch to digital, it has become difficult to get a signal in many places, so you are forced to use cable as it is the only option... until now. Good to have more options to add competition to either bring the price down, or add value. Aereo seems to be doing both.