After clean install of Windows 7 old Dell AC adapter not recognized?

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Jan 31, 2010
  1. This has been bugging the hell out of me I couldn't figure out why my battery wasn't recharging after I upgraded. I upgraded an old Dell Latitude D520 to windows 7 and at first the battery had a small charge left, but I knew it was at the end of its life anyways so when it didn't recharge again I figured it was just junk. So I just ordered a new battery. That's still not in yet but when I went to my BIOS looking for something else today I noticed the AC Adapter wasn't recognized and it was telling me to plug in the original 65w AC Adapter, however that's the one that is already plugged in. The ac adapter still powers the computer but it won't charge the battery. I'm guessing it has something to do with Windows 7's AC and ACPI adapters but I can't find any other drivers to try anywhere. Anyone have any solutions?

    sorry one more thing..the battery isn't just not charging, it is also not recognized so I'd imagine that all the drivers under the Batteries directory in the device manager needs to be replaced...will the old xp drivers work in their place?
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    Regardless of OS, if the battery is in need of charging and the AC Adapter is plugged in, the battery shall charge even when the system is off. Therefore, you may check this, and if your system's battery is not charging while the notebook is off, there may be some sort of an issue with either battery or the AC adapter.
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    Alright, so my bios not recognizing my ac adapter doesn't matter at all? I searched it and saw a lot on this problem with the Dell Latitude D500 and D600 series but didn't really see a solution
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    I'm afraid you've need to check your power adapter then, because if your bios is not recognizing it there must something not right about it. Also OS needs bios to set things up; however BIOS works irrespective of whichever OS is running on the machine.

    Mind you the D series Latitudes are really really good notebooks I've used D600 for many many years before i sold it; and I never had any problem with it. However, my current notebook which is an HP pavilion series machine, have already needed one power adapter replacement.
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    Alright thanks a lot. Always hearing bad things about HP's don't know how anyone can step away from Dell's customer support I needed a keyboard replacement had it here the next morning. No complaints at all about this cpu over the course of the last 4 years even though I got ripped off by college, oh well, just a little out dated at this point. Thanks for the help that's kind of what I was expecting prior to seeing the results of my Google search.
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