After updating my laptop to Windows 7 32-bit I can't find a graphics driver

  1. Hi guys, the title says it all.. I have an Alienware Corp Area 15 m15x laptop that came stock with Windows Vista 64-bit. Well that didn't suit my needs so I upgraded it to Windows 7 32-bit and now I can't locate any Graphics Card info on the laptop.. I opened up the laptop and the graphics card is in pristine condition, but the driver somehow uninstalled itself and I can't seem to re-install it.

    Please post any advice or Driver links that would work for me. Thanks.

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    I tried that nVidia auto driver detect feature and it didn't work for me.. Just kept scanning my computer for hours on end.. All it says is "scanning system".

    Thanks for the help though, I'm just going to give up on this crappy alienware laptop.

    Gunna tell my mother she wasted all this cash and see how she takes the news. :p
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    Go to the factory website and download the driver for your system. or find the original installation disc.

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