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Dec 21, 2009
  1. hello everyone as you may see this is my first post. I have finally decided to do what i should of done a long time ago, go on a computer tech site and get help about my computer and what i can all do to upgrade it. As everyone knows Christmas is coming up in 4 days i want my parents to get me a AGP video card but being as that im only 15 all this stuff is complicated. This is where im confused:

    I downloaded CPU-Z and it told me this info:

    my mainboard graphic interface is version- AGP version 3.0 and its transfer rate is only 4x and the max supported is 4x but i read on google that if its version 3.0 it can hold an 8x agp video card.My computer is AGP version 3.0 and it can only hold 4x on my computer i thought it could hold 8x someone please help me out.

    also on google ive been reading that you can put a agp 8x in a 4x slot but its slower. But tell me this if i have a computer with an agp 4x slot and i have an agp 4x video card and agp 8x video card if i put the 4x in it matches and stays at the speed it will say on the box, but if i put the 8x in the 4x slot will it still run faster then a 4x video card in a 4x slot or would an 8x video card in a 4x slot run faster little confusing but i want to know please. Sry if this dont make sense but if you have any information please help me. thanks

    EDIT: my post count needs to be 5 to post links so ill give you think link without the http at the start here it is:
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    EDIT: also i downloaded pz-wizard 2008 and cpu-z, pc wizard says my computer can hold ddr-400 ram sticks but CPU-z said its jsut ddr so are they the same or what? cause if its ddr-400 i can get 2 1gb ram sticks to make a total of 2gb but if its jsut ddr i heard it can go alot higher help me out here.
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    DDR-400 means DDR ram running at yes its the same.
    Also, AGP is outdated and only supports older weak cards, but you can start by giving up your motherboard or computer model, and power supply ratings.
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    My motherboard is a Compaq 0804h and my power supply ratings are dont exactly know i opened my case looked at my power supply and theres a white sticker that says: input-100-127Vac/200-240Vac then under tha it says 6A/3A 50-60hz then it says output; 220w MAX then under that +3.33V +12V +12.8V the udner that 11A 15a 5a 7.5a then under that -12V 5.05VAUX then under that 0.15A 3A almsot done Model- HP-Q220PC3 sry i just typed down everything i seenhope that helps.
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    tell you the truth, AGP has been outdated for quite a long time. I personally wouldn't spend anymore money on an AGP system; buying a whole new system would be a much better choice.

    The latest available AGP card will still not guarantee that you can play the latest games, as your processor will still limit your ability to play those games.

    Also, the bandwidth (amount of information that can be carried) available to an AGP card is probably insufficient to properly play any new titles anyway.

    So if all you want is to play some older games which has been out for a few years now, then getting an AGP card would be good.

    ps: would like to note to everyone else who wants to help that this system is powered by a 220W PSU. I'm not personally sure about power requirements of AGP cards to comment.
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