Alder Lake boosts Intel's CPU market share, but AMD remains dominant


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This is what I mean. Trying to "prove" Steam data accurate with personal opinions.

Steam survey is worthless because it contains to many errors or anomalies.

I have proven this many times and so far no-one has proven me wrong.

Like this?

Radeon Top 4 Selling Brand Line!

  1. RX 6600 = 745 units
  2. RX 6800XT = 180 units.
  3. RX 6900XT = 35 Units.
  4. RX 6800 = 10 Units

Nvidia Top 4 Selling Brand Lines!

  1. RTX 3070 8GB = 400 Units.
  2. RTX 3080 TI 12GB = 95 Units.
  3. GTX 1050 TI = 60 Units
  4. RTX 3070 TI 8GB = 30 Units

Or earlier:
Radeon Top 5 Selling Brand Line!

  1. RX 6600XT = 1760 units
  2. RX 6700XT = 320 Units.
  3. RX 6800XT = 75 Units.
  4. RX 6800 = 65 Units
  5. RX 580 = 40 Units.
Nvidia Top 5 Selling Brand Lines!

  1. RTX 3060 TI 8GB = 790 Units.
  2. RTX 3080 10GB = 320 Units.
  3. RTX 3080 TI 12GB = 240 Units
  4. RTX 3060 12GB = 200 Units
  5. RTX 3090 24GB = 150 Units
Those numbers are really interesting. But I think before Nvidia slowed production the RTX cards were available in much higher numbers than what AMD could make (I wouldn't be surprised if worldwide, in total Nvidia made 10x more).


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How many TechSpot readers like me have rigs that are old as the hills, at this point.

i7 2600k @ 4.8ghz, 16GB 2133mhz DDR3, and GTX1080.

My System is old as dirt. My Server uses a newer Ryzen 1700.

But now with kids I just dont have time and don't use my desktop as often. Rarely play games on it any more. Sits in its own office. When I do game lately it has been mostly Switch or Xbox in the living room. But when I want to play something like Anno that is a job for the PC. Plus Draining a loop is a pain.

I'm thinking Zen4 might be my next system.

Still got my Pentium 4 “Prescott” with an Asus Radeon X800 XT sitting in the loft. I think it’s a spiders nest now.

Funny I still have my old Athlon 64 with a Radeon X800XT (was a vivo model that I flashed to the X800XT when that was the thing to do). Probably hasn't been turned on in half a decade, but I keep it around for when I need a Windows XP machine. Normally I'd just boot up a XP VM.
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Part of the reason will be the amount of cash you need to spend upgrading. It ain't just the CPU...It's the hefty price of a Motherboard and cooling solution too in most cases for Alder Lake. AMD is a relatively cheap upgrade, (CPU only, and a modest cooler) on AM4. Switching from one vendor to the other still favours AMD economically.