Alienware vs. Dell vs. Macbook Pro

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May 6, 2008
  1. right i need to buy a new laptop for my multimedia course that im starting in september. iv been looking at these three laptops dell xps 1530, any alienware and the macbook pro. im used to windows as is everyone, but i know mac is the best for multimedia work, and i cant buy the normal macbook because it doesnt have independant graphics, the macbook pro is a tad expensive, the alienware is rediculous oney for what it is and the dell seems the best value for money, but which is the best HELP ME!!!
  2. raybay

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    There is no comparison. The MacBook Pro is superior in every way, but EXPENSIVE, and if you learned all you needed to know on a Windows System, you will likley experience a lot of frustration in the change-over. The Alienware is a very high failure item. If you consider Dell, choose only the top of the line units with the extra cooling channels and the long warranty on the screen.
  3. maxglover1989

    maxglover1989 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 53

    thanks for the advice is it really that hard to learn how to use apple, also im going to be using alot of adobe programs, do the c.r.a.c.k.s work in the same way as they do on windows
  4. raybay

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    Not it is not difficult... but it takes three days to become comfortable.
  5. medinadoctor

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    the best is MacBook Pro
  6. Kita

    Kita TS Rookie

    Macs are best

    As a long-time newspaper editor, professor, and online newsletter producer, I have used the earliest Apple machines and Macs, as well as PCs and stand- alone legacy machines (for strange little jobs). At my last editing job I had to learn 9 different systems, as the company was sold and resold.

    Result: in every way Macs are superior to PCs for graphics, newsletters, and book-length manuscripts; they are much more approachable for teaching writing (the Rutgers writing lab switched from PCs to Macs years ago); most small newspapers prefer Macs, as do academics.

    I can't wait to buy my MacBook Pro. I have a Sony Vaio laptop sitting uselessly on my desk. After it crashed for the last time, I couldn't be bothered to resurrect it again.

    Basically my like or dislike of any electronic devices depends on ease of use, training curve, and stability. Macs.

  7. raybay

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    I have two Mac Book Pro's and two high end Mac Desktops... And teach with them, as well as run our Medical Graphics publishing business.

    There is no longer any significant difference between a good Mac and a good PC where graphics are concerned. Anybody who thinks Macs are truly superior has not spent time with a good Windows machine in the past two years...

    Both require the appropriate software, of course... and of course the Mac software is always more expensive.

    You simply have to spend a lot more on the Mac, the Mac Software, and the Macintosh repairs.

    The greatest advantage is in publishing, where the publishing end (magazines, books, etc) is still better set up for easy migration to the publishing medium.
  8. Kita

    Kita TS Rookie

    The latest PCs

    I'm sure that the latest PCs are great. But I've had so many problems with them vs my Macs that I feel that I choose jinxed PCs. I don't need the Pro I've decided. The 13-inchscreen is big enough.
  9. User Zero

    User Zero TS Rookie

    The Macs rock but a good Sony is worth it's muster. Find one with 4G of ram you'd be well in the price range of a low Mac. Not that I am a Sony guy, I like Lenovo/IBM myself. But for doing those apps you really want a Core 2 for rendering.

  10. raybay

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    'Tis a matter of opinion. Our clients rate Sony just ahead of eMachines and Packard Bell, and far behind Compaq. But guaranteed to be ultimately unreliable.
  11. User Zero

    User Zero TS Rookie

    Oh yea!
    Get something NEW. If you get a 4G it had BETTER be 64Bit (for a PC) or else you were hosed. 4G can usually go up to 8G for later use. Also if you don't get at least 320G for an HDD then you are out of spec and probably are spending a little too much. Standard prices for those (industry) can range from 600-1100 depending on deal, day, change of weather, if you took a shower... you know what I mean.
  12. pyromaster114

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    Alienware is, of late, from what I've heard from friends, not a reliable company. Their stuff seems to fail a lot.

    Dell is, well, not bad of late for laptops. A number of my friends seem to have been pleased with their dells that they bought a year or so ago.

    Apple is a different story.
    Their hardware is usually of very high quality, and they're also expensive. I have had people tell me that their macbook Pro out-does any windows machine they ever owned. I've also had people tell me that the macbook Pro was a piece of crap.
    Macs run a UNIX-based OS, and it differs vastly from windows. The switchover, assuming you're what one would call a 'power user' of sorts with windows, would be very painful and annoying.

    Overall, if you're used to Windows, and don't want to learn another OS, I'd suggest going with Dell. Get one of their high end models. It'll cost you, just like the MacBook Pro will, but from what I've heard from people about Dell lately, you'll get what you paid for.
    (I also urge you to check into other brands, not just Dell.)

    Oh... (Don't remember if we're allowed to discuss this stuff... but...) cr4cking of the software... there are cr4cks for Mac stuff... just harder to find than windows ones cause Mac is used by fewer people on average.
  13. raybay

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    Apple has slipped drammatically in the past year. We have large numbers of Apple clients. I fear that the quality and the management of Apple has taken a dive, while their prices have gone up.
    As for Alienware, we rarely see reliable ones that last very long. Since Dell bought Alienware, there have been quality control improvments but not nearly enough of them.
  14. maxglover1989

    maxglover1989 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 53

    i know this decision is a long time coming, but i bought the top end macbook pro, and OMG what a machine the battery life the multimedia capabilities and everything is superior to any pc machine that i have ever owned. I will probably never buy another pc again, as macs can do it all, when i buy a new mac i will probably use this to solely run windows and the new one for mac, extremely satisfied and will definately buy another mac without a doubt
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