Almost dead

By mortimer9
Apr 4, 2010
  1. I am having issues with a custom computer I have had for a few years. Windows XP. The wife may have had some help in this but I have no clue. Just came home
    to a dead computer. First it would turn on and just sit there. Ususally I get a second or two of it's motherboard picture where it says to hit delete for setup and tab for bios and then loading windows. But this time not even that. The computer running but nothing on the screen. In fact the monitor acts like it is not hooked up. I hit the reset button on the front and it then started to load. I thought It might be alright but as soon as I did something I got PFN_LIST_CORRUPT. I hit ok and it restarted. Then got just into windows and restarted again. I have looked on the net for reasons and fixes for this but am a bit confused. First of all I tried to get into safe mode, it won't, I tried to get the last working configuration, nothing. I did turn off the restart, so it wouldn't keep cycling. Sometimes I got A: disk error, hit f9 to continue. Where it would then go into windows and then the PFN error after trying to start, well, anything. There is no disk A and did try and disable that in it's setup. All the while having issues as to weather it is going to load or just sit there. I can't get it to work long enough to load anything from the net or even a cd when it does get into windows. The last thing I got was a blue screen while it was loading windows saying DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL.
    I gave up after seeing that one. I did write both the tech info numbers it gave with both errors. Not sure if that will help. I have no clue as to what any of this means but don't want to screw with something I am unsure about. I have messed with getting a virus out manually which suprisingly worked. And every small issue I come across I am searching sites like this for a fix. This problem though
    may be beyond my abilities. Oh yeah, I can get into setup when it wants to start. I haven't loaded any new programs or hardware in quite a while altough she has been doing those facebook applications constantly. That was where the virus came from about 6 months ago. Even though it's warranty has expired, I tried to get a hold of the guy who made this computer but he has recently closed his doors. Please help.
  2. mortimer9

    mortimer9 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I tried to start her up again. After 2 tries and it finally starting something, I get "windows root system32 hal.dll corrupt or missing" Have read the stop messages link but no way to download because it won't get into windows. Now it is rarely starting up. Just the fans and the lights on the case seem to keep running. I am afraid to mess any hardware up by restsrting multiple times.
  3. mortimer9

    mortimer9 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Can I take the hd out and get info off it through a windows 98 system or an ME system?
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