Amazon aims to inspire employees with the three Biospheres it's building at the new company HQ


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Does the view outside your office windows leave plenty to be desired? Do you gaze out onto a landfill site while at work? Then maybe you should try to get a job at the new offices Amazon is building in downtown Seatle that will look out onto three 100-foot-tall glass spheres.

The domes, which Amazon calls Biospheres, are set to open in 2018. In addition to being architectural wonders, they will act as conservation locations by housing more than 300 endangered plant species from around the world.

The Biospheres aren’t just there to give Amazon employees something nice to look at; the online retail giant wants its employees to gain inspiration by walking and working inside the domes. Staff will be able to traverse the numerous suspension bridges within the structures, and can have brainstorming sessions in the bird's nest-style meeting spaces built in the mature trees.

John Schoettler, Amazon's global real estate director, told Bloomberg the goal was to create a "link to the natural world" that helps staff become more creative, productive, and happy.

When the entire project is completed, the domes and the three 500-foot towers will provide Amazon with 10 million square feet of office space on a campus covering more than ten square blocks. It will allow the company to double its number of Seattle staff to 50,000 in the next decade.

Jeff Bezos will no doubt hope that the campus helps improve Amazon’s tarnished image when it comes to employee work environments. The CEO was forced to refute claims made in a New York Times report last year that described the company as a demanding and degrading employer. And many of its warehouses in Europe have faced criticism over their working conditions.

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Money for hard work inspires...the rest is new age gobbledegook
Having pride in yourself and your work inspires. Seen plenty of people do half-baked work (all eventually fired) in spite of good money.


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My girlfriend lives directly across the street from where this has been going up. It's been interesting watching the construction progress.

And must be a total nightmare for the contractors trying to follow the blueprints....

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Of course once they pull it off it will demonstrate another good option for farming in those "out of the way" places. Mars & the Moon come to mind ......