Amazon Music adds podcasts at no extra cost in major markets

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Editor's take: Podcasting is one of the fastest growing and easiest methods for getting your voice out to the public. So long as you've got some basic recording equipment and something interesting to say, you'll likely be able to find an audience and grow it from there.

Amazon on Wednesday announced it has added podcasts to Amazon Music across all tiers at no additional cost. Amazon’s new podcast library is much smaller than the competition’s at just north of 70,000 titles. In comparison, Apple has over a million podcasts on offer and Spotify has more than 1.5 million in its catalog. But what it lacks in quantity, it hopes to make up for in quality.

The new section is populated with several well-known podcasts including Crime Junkie, Revisionist History, Stuff You Should Know, Planet Money and What A Day, just to name a few. And starting in February 2021, it’ll be the exclusive home to Disgraceland, a popular podcast about musicians behaving badly.

Amazon is also working on exclusive podcasts such as The First One from DJ Khaled and En la Sala from Becky G. Broadcaster Dan Patrick will put out a new show in collaboration with IMDb called That Scene with Dan Patrick in which he interviews some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s Westbrook Audio is also working on a project with Audible, we’re told.

Podcasts on Amazon Music are available in the US, Germany, Japan and the UK.

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"So long as you've got some basic recording equipment and something interesting to say"

I have neither, particularly the latter.

People keep telling me I need to vlog/post on YouTube, the f*ck am I gonna say. Don't think my satire would do well online with PC white-knights.


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Why? And who cares? Aren't Podcasts basically opinion pieces? If I agree with it, I really don't need to listen, and if I don't I'm just causing myself unnecessary aggravation! No thank you, I'd rather listen to music.
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