Amazon picks a fight with Google, unveils $39 Fire TV Stick

Shawn Knight

TechSpot Staff
Staff member
Amazon's second major play for the living room aims to do battle with an established contender, Google's Chromecast. The e-commerce giant has announced the Fire TV Stick with enough power and storage that could give Google's solution a run for...

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Jad Chaar

Elite Techno Geek
Gonna wait for reviews before I get one. Not sure if it is a justifiable upgrade from the Chromecast.


Not sure if it is a justifiable upgrade from the Chromecast.
Anything is a justifiable upgrade over Chromecast, but then again that could just be my prejudice against anything Google. Can't remember when I started disliking Google so strongly, but the thought of using even one of their services for too long, or even at all, is upsetting to say the least. Maybe its just that when people say the will search the internet the say they will 'Google' that, or Google is the first thing most people think of when talking about the internet. Google isn't the internet, and there are alternatives that are as good or even better, but people fail to realise that instead being content with whatever Google feels like serving up to you. Maybe that's why I choose to consciously use something else instead of unconsciously following them as a default, oh and I most definitely HATE advertising and by extension Google's business model.

PS, its also ironic that the question posed to me to actually post this comment reads as follows: "Who develops the Android operating system?"