AMD Athlon 3200+ Lag spikes

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Jul 10, 2009
  1. Recently I have been getting lag spikes do to my processor (AMD Athlon 64 3200+). My G15 keyboard will show my CPU usage at about 27% then it spikes down to 3-2-1----0 then back up .During the spikes procexp.exe shows nothing taking up all the cpu. At this time my game pretty much locks up on me making for some very upset people I am healing xD. I came across another thread with the same reported issue and the person was told to post his HJT results and ended up having a virus causing it. I thought my processor maybe finally just kicking the bucket but perhaps that is it for me also.

    anyway here is my HJT file please let me know if anything bad is on there ><
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    well the 27% CPU usage is the game running, and when it goes to zero the game is locking up because something is either stuck or there is some sort of interference, possibly caused by a buggy driver or game DLL. does this only happen while playing said game, or does the problem persist over to other titles as well? i noticed you are running AVG8 as your antivirus, which is notorious for casuing poor performance while gaming. the AVG guard can be a bit greedy when it comes to system resources, so i might recommend using something else, such as Avast! or Avira AntiVir.
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    It happens pretty constantly while playing a free mmorpg called Fiesta. But It got real irritating last night when I downloaded and started playing Full Tilt poker. During Hold em poker I would lock up 2-3 times before it even returned to me to bid each time around. I lag pretty constantly Playing World of Warcraft so I cant really say if it is happening while playing that. On a side note I have tried to end process tree through procexp.exe on (avgwdsvr.exe >avgrsx.exe - avgrsx.exe, one process tree) and (avgemc.exe >avgcsrvx.exe , another avg process tree) And as soon as I end them they start right back up. This alone has made me start to reconsider using AVG. But when I watch in procexp.exe at the time of the lag spikes i see some small cpu jumps along a few things but nothing more then 2 or 3 let alone 100% I am going to go ahead and uninstall AVG and see how that goes. My main concern was the HJT log and making sure it was clear of any virus. I'll post back to confirm if it persists after AVG uninstall.
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    I am having the same problem. And it happens all the way across the board for me. The frequency is increased the more load the cpu is under... anywhere from once every five minutes to twice a minute... it's down right unbearable.

    I know it isn't a virus or AVG issue. It started immediately after puting the comp together, and happened before I installed avg.
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