AMD could be tweaking the 5600 XT's specs ahead of launch


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Compared to the 5700, the incoming Radeon RX 5600 XT doesn’t miss out on much. It has the same 2304 cores, only they’re clocked ~15% lower, and paired with 6 GB of memory instead of 8 GB. That means that, at least theoretically, the two cards should perform similarly if the 5600 XT is overclocked.

To prevent board partners factory overclocking their 5600 XT’s and sabotaging 5700 sales, AMD is suspected to have imposed a limit on the frequencies manufacturers can use. A quick peruse of a few GPU manufacturer’s sites shows that all of them are offering beefy cards with a game clock of 1560 MHz and a boost clock of 1620 MHz, and none are offering cards with higher speeds.

Until today, that is. As Videocardz noted, Sapphire has altered the specifications of their Radeon RX 5600 XT Pulse (above), just two days after its original announcement. Its game clock went up from 1560 MHz to 1615 MHz, and its boost clock has gone from 1620 MHz to 1750 MHz. Memory speeds have also increased from 12 Gbps to 14 Gbps.

The upgrade aligns with a new report from Chinese news site HKEPC, who reports that board partners have received a new vBIOS from AMD. They’re now permitted to overclock their cards further and increase their TDP by 10W to facilitate the jump.

Model TDP Game Clock Boost Clock
5700 (standard) 180W 1625 MHz 1725 MHz
5600 XT (new max) 160W 1615 MHz 1750 MHz
5600 XT (former max) 150W 1560 MHz 1620 MHz
5600 XT (standard) 150W 1375 MHz 1560 MHz

If the report is accurate, high-end 5600 XT models are going to be only slightly behind the 5700. And you know what else is slightly behind the 5700? The RTX 2060.

The competition between the two is fierce, so stick around for our review of the 5600 XT later on Tuesday.

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Doesn't the 5600XT also have a lower memory bandwith than the 5700 ?
Yes 288GB/s, but higher bandwidth doesn't mean it's always running maxed out, that depends on the game, resolution and settings so it makes the least amount of difference.


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AMD: This time we "jebaited" the reviewers ...

It seems Dr Su is holding all the cards. Her company has 30 7nm dies in production now. GPU is just starting to ramp up.
A drop in navi's price is all she needs to swing the market in AMD's favor.


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Seems to be a rather large jump in the boost clock. Are we sure AMD didn't just jebait people with the prior numbers?
From my own experience, simply turning up the max power to 40% even on the ref 5700 ref model, gives you some nice gains. At the stock 1850 max OC when not using MPT or a bios flash, you get like a 10%+ boost in performance. You probably don't even need to add that much power at 1850, maybe 30-35%. Like how you can flash the 5700 to a xt bios, set and done. Yes it will run hotter but who cares.... it's not damaging the card...

I'm guessing they are just taking up most of the OC headroom. Akin to selling a 5700 with a 5700 xt bios. btw you do need mpt to go beyond 20% max power on the non xt or a bios flash

on lower level cards it's easier to get away with cooling down an oc, since they use less power


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Nvidia flooded the market with GTX and low-end RTX cards.

That's how you play the long-game.
As long as they don't over produce them close the the launch of their big next gen GPUs. Many companies get burned because of overstocking stock. I just hope AMD doesn't fall too far behind at the high end market and that RDNA2 will be good enough to keep prices in check.