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By dividebyzero
Sep 24, 2012
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  1. For those awaiting the imminent arrival of AMD's Vishera (aka Piledriver, aka Bulldozer rev.2, aka Bulldozer rev. C0), HotHardware have published pricing via

    If AMD's strategy is consistant with the previous Bulldozer release, then pricing indicates the parts' relative performance merits in relation to Intel's current mainstream CPU range.
    At $US 253, the FX-8350 launches at approximately the same price as its predecessor - FX-8150 MSRP at launch being $245. AMD seem to have noted that the FX-8120 took a sizeable chunk of the 8150's possible sales, being some $40 cheaper but offering comparable performance. AMD aren't being nearly so generous this time around.
    Launch is rumoured to be October 18
  2. Spruce

    Spruce TS Member Posts: 29

    Will be interesting to see how the improvements are, everyone would gain from an success.

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