AMD posts second consecutive profitable quarter

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AMD has posted a net profit of $257 million on $1.57 billion revenue for the first quarter of 2010, and this time it didn't even need that juicy Intel settlement money to get out of the red. It did however saw a one-time, non-cash gain of $325 million related to the deconsolidation of spinoff GlobalFoundries. This was the second quarter in a row in which the chipmaker saw a profit after 12 consecutive losses, also marking a notable improvement over AMD's $416 million net loss in the year-ago period.

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Thats nice bit of news, I hope things will start to look better for them as more competitive AMD is great news for us, the consumers :)


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This is really good to hear/read.

As Archean rightly states this is good for the consumer.


Once the word gets around that Nvidia's Firmi isn't all it was cracked up to be, the sales will grow even faster for their graphics business.
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