AMD Radeon RX 5500 XT 8GB Review: Navi at $200


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I believe that will be enough pointless arguing for this thread. If you wish to continue to bicker, please do so via PM. Thank you.
I think it's pretty clear at this point that AMD's GPU division has no interest in pursuing aggressive pricing strategies like Ryzen did. Ultimately, it's disappointing. I really like the RX 5700 performance-wise, and at $280-$299 it would have been a deathblow. Instead, we have it at $350-$380, where it's merely competitive.

Similarly, this RX 5500 XT isn't bad per se (and given how loud my RX 580 is, I like the idea of equal performance with greater efficiency in principle) but again, the price is off. At $160 for the 8GB, it would be the new budget king; at $200, it becomes a "why bother" kind of card when RX 580s and 590s are sub-$200.


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Forget about Radeon RX 5500 XT.
Or even 5700 XT. They are overrated.

I have something better for you. An almost unused Radeon 9700 XT in excellent condition.
Yeah, that's like 4 generations in the future. Skip 5700, 6700, 7700, 8700 and jump directly to 9700.

How much it costs you ask? For you I have a special price. Just... wait for it... 50% of the price of RX 5700 XT. Yeah, it's possible. Somehow it's possible. But hurry up, because quantities are limited. Get your Radeon 9700 XT today and play your games at a completely different level from 5700 XT.

(hey, I said different level, didn't say "faster")
I predict a price cut as soon as all the leftover RX 580 and RX 590 cards are out of the channel. Right now they have to be priced above those older cards or else the previous models would never sell.