AMD to release three 95W AMD FX Series processors in Q1

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Feb 17, 2012
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  1. A leaked slide obtained by Turkish website DonanimHaber reveals AMD is planning the release three new Zambezi-based FX processors before the end of this quarter. The fastest of the bunch,…

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  2. ikesmasher

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    Hey, if it lowers the price of the Fx-4100 even more, that would be cool.
  3. If the FX 4100 got down to $60, then it might be viable. Until then it's a moot point, especially with Intel's new Pentium line. Other than a Llano APU for a very select customer niche, there literally is zero reason to go AMD at this time. Up until recently, AMD at the very least had it's place as a good price/performance option at specific price points, but now that is gone.
  4. princeton

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    AMD's position as a good option was gone before Bulldozer even launched, Bulldozer sucking just cemented the fact that Intel will be ahead for years to come, possibly forever. Reasons to buy AMD all died with the launch of Sandy Bridge last year. The i3's crushed the PII X4's, the i5s crushed everything else above that, and the i7 was for people who needed to go beyond the i5.
  5. There is plenty of reason to go AMD they are great processors.I have used AMD for years I have three rigs running AMD right now.1 with A AMD fx-4100 and a FX-8120 the FX line works great for on everything i do and awesome multitasking.Most users don't care about benchmarks as long as they can do what they need them to do.The only ones that care about benchmarks are the power users which is a small portion of the market compared to all the people looking to just e-mail, twitter,facebook,play a little music ,a few small games, a movie or 2 FX is great at doing it all and then some all at the same time.AMD's APU's kick the crap out of intels HD graphics 3000.AMD is making smart decisions.They are going after the majority market not the smaller overclocking,benchmarkers and they have done it all being an honest company unlike Intel.I would never support a company like Intel and their shady business practices so they can have a monopoly on the market.F U Intel you got what you deserved 1.45 billion fine.HA HA.Long live AMD

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