An issue with user logins


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I have a former company PC.

Earlier I was attempting to remove the company domain from it so that I didn't have to log in as the previous user every time just to get to the desktop. So I changed the computer name (right click my computer, properties, computer name) I then clicked on Network ID and set to 'this computer is for home use...' and then it went wrong... I restarted the computer as instructed and tried to log on as the user, as before, but it is telling me the password is incorrect. The username is correct and so is the password. It's clear that whatever I did with the Network ID has caused this. I have logged on as administrator but need to access the other user due to the saved files on there etc. Can someone help me revert back/access that user account from admin? Is there a way to completely detach the PC from the previous domain, so that it is like a normal home PC with no log in?

Thank You!!


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Administrator account has permission to access files from other users. Just go to the C:/Users section or whatever.