Android, iOS expected to take additional market share from gaming handhelds

By Shawn Knight
Jun 14, 2013
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  1. A new joint report from research firms App Annie and International Data Corporation reveals that Android and iOS will continue to eat away at market share once owned solely by portable game consoles like the Nintendo 3DS and the PlayStation...

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  2. Wow, amazing!! AppAnnie, a website specifically focused on apps for iOS and Android, says that these platforms will take more marketshare from 3DS and Vita! Who woulda thunk it? Also, you mean to tell me there are more people with phones than handheld gaming consoles? I never would have guessed! /rolls eyes/

    Seriously though, yes, there are way, WAY more people using smartphones than there are using 3DS or Vita's, but that's a given considering that smartphones are phones/general internet devices, while the handhelds are mainly just for gaming. Vita has of course flopped horribly but the 3DS is over 30 million sold which is an excellent amount of sales so far, and it just keeps getting better and better games which will only drive sales further. Nintendo will probably end up selling 70 million or more of the things by the time they release their next gen handhelds in a few years, which, market percentage wise, is pretty impressive and in line with their previous successes.

    Honestly, these two markets shouldn't even be compared, they are almost entirely separate, with one being focused on cheap, basic touchscreen games and the other focused on delivering 'traditional' games, with proper controls and more 'fleshed out' designs compared to the standard touch games.

    Smartphone market is the smartphone market. Handheld console market is the handheld console market. They are different. And if Sony had actually gotten some decent games out for the Vita, it would have sold. It just has a terrible library. Nintendo got good games coming out for the 3DS and the things fly off the shelves now.

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