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By kyleman
Oct 21, 2008
  1. Hey guys just having some ram issues.
    Recently ive been running 512mb off two legend sticks but i thought an extra gb would make my computer a lot more accesable.
    So i had a look around and bought one off ebay.
    It recognizes it and its there and everything but first try it was still only showing 512mb even though it had recognized it.
    I moved the sticks around again it tried again showing 1gb from a 2x256 sticks and one 512..which was the 1gb
    They are all sdram ddr400.
    Are these normal sort of issues?
  2. cpu2008

    cpu2008 TS Rookie

    Hi download cpu-z and use that to identify your ram. Sounds to me like you've been sold a 512mb stick instead of a 1024mb stick.
    Also, regarding RAM upgrades, you are much better to get a matching pair of modules than to just add a bigger one to a smaller one, either use matching pairs or use a single stick but never mix different sizes. Btw it wont actually do any damage to your pc if you do, but it will slow the faster of the two modules down to the lowest common denominator and you'll be worse of than if you were to just use a single stick.
  3. kyleman

    kyleman TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 91

    well it isnt a 512mb stick because it runs as 1gb when in its in on its own.
    when its in with the other 256 sticks it shows as 512.
    ill try cpu-z now
  4. Tedster

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