Another users whose IE pages keep opening up

By emgorode
Jul 21, 2008
  1. Alright so I spent all night following those dozen or so steps and I'm not sure whether it fixed the problem I've been having or not. Basically, every now and then when I'd open Internet Explorer, it would continue opening new pages ceaselessly. I googled it and saw that other people had posted on here about the same issue so I made my own thread since each case is unique.

    Since that Panda program isn't compatible with Vista I went with AVG but it no longer has an AntiRoot program separate. It's all integrated. I ran it anyways. I'm just lost and frustrated.

    I don't know what these text files are supposed to tell you, but are you able to tell if my problem is fixed or not. Another problem I ran into after doing this is when I did...I think the CCleaner, my clock went to military time. I set it back but it's not letting me synchronize it on any of the time servers.
  2. raybay

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    Get rid of AVG. It has become trouble since June 1. Panda is a good scanner, but not a good fixer. I would move to Avir Antivir or Avast. Antivir is doing a terrific job for us.
    In additino to Super AntiSpyware, I would try MBAM MalwareBytes weekly.
    Did Internet Explorer come with the install, or did you do an online upgrade. If IE7 is in your programs list, I would download a copy to a CD. Thenuse Add and Remove to remove it. Then reboot, and reinstall.
    Of buy it from Microsoft on disk for $3.40 and reinstall it that way.
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