Any Power Users who like Windows 10 over Windows 7?

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Apr 4, 2015
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  1. I skipped even trying Windows 8.x at all. I thought it was horrible. I have been hearing that Microsoft is trying to get back to make the Windows experience good for everybody in Windows 10, not just smaller devices. But I am not really seeing all that much of a better desktop experience. There are screens that slide into view and back off the desktop all over the place. That kind of baloney is for tablets, not desktops.

    Well, I just installed Windows 10 preview a few days ago. And I must say, It just doesn't "feel" right. It works okay but, honestly, the UI feels like it's all over the place. I feel like a hundred different programmers just threw all their own ideas into a box and Windows 10 is the final product. I know it's not finished but I can't really see where its going. It looks cheap, it feels cheap. I don't even know if I want to use this operating system - even if it's free. That's the sad part.

    I am being as open-minded as I possibly can be. More than I ever was with Windows 8, proven just by the fact that I have installed Windows 10 on an extra system and have some experience with it now. I don't feel like Microsoft Windows is really 'Windows' anymore. When a product changes this drastically it should probably just be given a new name.

    I think Windows 10 is only going to further damage the Windows brand that everyone came to know and love through the years.

    Is anybody who skipped or refused to use Windows 8.x liking what they see in Windows 10? If you globbed onto Windows 8 the day it was released, I probably don't want your opinion. It won't help me.

    Edit: I just upgraded to the latest build, 10049?, early this morning. Not that it changed much other than the 'Spartan' browser is present.
    The square corners and simple colors really give Windows 10 a cheap look and feel in my opinion. Why can't Microsoft see this is a serious issue?
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  2. SNGX1275

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    I don't know what you 'end game' is here. This isn't reddit, your likes don't matter too much.

    Windows 10 is what you say it is, you've used it, I've used earlier builds, nobody really cares here. Hive mind here is windows 7 is the greatest thing ever, anything else sucks.

    If you want real discussion about 10 or 8 or 7 I think we want that too, but you completely biased yourself in your post. So you negated from the start any straight up opinions by showing your view.

    There are lots of other threads where the TS community has discussed our thoughts on Windows 8-now.
  3. cliffordcooley

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    It's too early to make an opinion. But as it stands no I don't like Windows 10 over Windows 7.

    With that said I will likely upgrade to Windows 10, once it is released regardless of my opinion.

    I read a comment yesterday about someone saying they would never upgrade their machines to Windows 10. I thought that comment was foolish. If you can upgrade for free, why not upgrade. Instead they will make a stupid decision to stay with Windows 7 and then pay for an upgrade later when they really need to move forward.
  4. TheBigFatClown

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    End game? To see what the general consensus of power users is. Sorry, there isn't a big conspiracy behind my post that can be used as the basis for a new movie. :)

    Maybe the hive mind has a point? Maybe there is a reason people keep saying Windows 7 was the last good OS? As I said, I am being more open minded towards Windows 10 than I ever was with Windows 8 because Microsoft promised to tailor the experience to the device. But I am going to hold them to their word. It doesn't look like they are doing that and I am going to call that out.

    I biased myself? Yeah, I used Windows 10, I gave my opinion of it. Windows 10 is not honestly what I want in my next OS. It still appears to be too far dumbed down. And the square corners have to go. The simple look has to go. It cheapens the overall look and feel. Honest opinions here. Sorry, if my honest opinion hurts your feelings but it is what it is.

    True, it is somewhat early, but I heard something about a 2015 summer release so..from my point of view...things just aren't looking real good right now.

    The reason people might not ever upgrade is because they don't want to use Windows 10. Its pretty simple. Now you have a practical idea which I might actually follow suit with. Upgrade to Windows 10 for free on a spare system just to have it, to play with it, to see if it ever develops into a system that I would want to replace Windows 7 with. Maybe Windows 10 will excel in one area that Windows 7 does not. Hear how desperate sounding I have become to justify using Windows 10? LOL. *sigh*. The good OS, bad OS cycle has finally been broken. Yes!!!!! I mean, NO!!!!!!

    Honestly, I think Microsoft is creating the illusion that Steam sales create on a perpetual basis. "Get Windows 10 for free, quick, before time runs out". They will probably just end up giving it away for free anyway. That's what they should do.
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  5. I agree completely, I wanted to like Windows 10 so badly but after trying out the RTM for a few days I can honestly say I do not like it at all. It feels cheap as you said, like a stripped down third world starter edition of Windows because they designed it to cater to the lowest common denominator, cheap little tablets. They are switching everything to giant "touch" controls, things like the calculator have blown up to ridiculous sizes so you can see them on little screens, and it is by far the ugliest version of Windows since version 1.0 in my opinion.

    Now I could maybe overlook all these flaws if there was a reason, ANY reason, to "upgrade" from Windows 7 but there was nothing I could see. Some people claim it is faster, well I didn't see that at all. On my hardware 7 is already so fast that the UI responds pretty much instantly. I'll admit DirectX 12 is going to be nice for gamers but luckily I'm not a gamer so that's not an incentive for me either. At this point I believe Windows 7 will be my last Microsoft OS ever, and when support ends in 2020 I may look to OS X or Linux.
  6. gbhall

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    Can I remind readers what a 'power-user' is ? It's someone who uses Windows as a tool to perform a significantly difficult job, probably involving Office applications and pre-built applications written by an external software house (examples being accounting systems, sales systems, technical device controllers and similar).

    That sort of user does not have the time or inclination to have to re-learn their way around the whole Operating System so they can get back up-to-speed with their real job. That's a fail for anything beyond Win 7. It's a massive training cost, a significant loss of productivity over a substantial period of time.

    It's even worse for the sotware houses who have to somehow re-build their offerings under the new OS, find all the incompatibilities and re-certify their entire products when working under the new OS (this being an absolute game-changer for accountancy packages).

    The most significant example I can think of for changing things in such a way as to wreck many companies future is the investment in control systems for special equipment such as medical diagnostics, CNC machines, automated testing and so forth. An unbelievable sum of money is tied up in such equipment, controlled originally by PC's running XP, and still running under XP today because the software will not run under even Win 7.

    May I say I have, on at least three occasions seen a shop-front system, a hospital system or bank cash dispenser machine crash, and reboot itself ..... into XP !!! I dont mean last year or so, I mean in the last 12 months.

    If Win 10 cannot run such software, it has no chance, as often the application's documentation, designers or writers are no longer available, and even re-writing the application in it's entirety is either literally impossible, or prohibitively expensive. There needs to be a way of running older software in it's current compiled form. No, I don't think every bank branch is going to host a VMware server, and most times that does not work either, because direct access to the hardware is required.
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  7. LNCPapa

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    I consider myself a power user... who globbed on to Windows 8. I've been working in IT for over 20 years and have been using a computer daily since '87. One thing I will tell you about this field - if you're too resistant to change you'll never make it. That's the one thing that's guaranteed to stay the same... "Things will change".
  8. TheBigFatClown

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    Change is fine when it's in the forward direction. Example, 300 baud modem to 1200 baud modem to 19,200 baud modem, to 33.6kbps modems to 56k modems to 10Mbps ethernet, to 100Mbps ethernet, to 1Gbps ethernet.

    Did you hear ANYBODY on planet earth bitching about network speeds increasing over the past 20 years? "DAMMIT!!!, why did they just make the internet faster by a factor of 10? I REFUSE to upgrade my cat-3 to a cat-5 cable. I am afraid of change." Did you ever hear that argument once? No. Because it's forward change that people can see and realize instantly.

    Forward change, awesome, wonderful, bring it. Whacked out, sideways, illogical changes like Windows 8? No, thank you.

    Windows 10 looks so good only because Windows 8 looked so bad!!.

    I could have played the "wall flower" part or the nice guy role when they released Windows 8 and said, " *sigh* oh well, its change and I'll just bend over and accept it". But I instead to chose to say, "Oh hell nah, HELL NAH!!!". And thats why people like you are getting the half-assed, I wanna be a desktop-operating system again-will-you-please-take-me-back for free-Im-beggining-on-my-knees" Windows 10 crap that you are getting now.

    Thank God, not everybody on planet Earth is a wall flower.

    Nobody who classifies Windows 8 as a natural disaster(yes the same category as earthquakes, tornadoes, and hurricanes) is afraid of change. That was an excuse Microsoft conjured up in a board room meeting, a psychological ploy, to get people to accept their garbage operating system. "I'm not afraid of change, DAMMIT, now....where's that Windows 8 download link?!?!?!". Yeah, uh, no.
  9. tomkaten

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    I got Win 10 Pro installed right now and TBH, yeah, its looks are all over the place. But it feels nice, it's fast, it didn't break anything on my modern PC, so I thought why not ? I'm not into transparencies and stuff, I kinda find Win 7's looks tacky these days.

    Complaints about the stupid tablet-desktop interface, yeah, I can understand, but everything else is highly subjective stuff. And that's easily fixable with the free Classic Shell. Install it and bingo, your old way of doing things is back.

    And btw, just wait for the next wave of DirectX 12 enabled games... I foresee people switching to Win 10 in droves.
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  10. abysal

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    With Windows 10 the few complaints I have are for one, not having control over windows update. This can be worked around by disabling the service, but that doesn't solve the issue of not being able to select only the updates I need and want.

    The start menu is still a downgrade from 7/vista, but at least you can now disable web integration search and disable the cortana "c**t, but browsing for apps is awful. The old style start menu could work so much better - when a little time was taken to organize it.

    I understand the split settings between control panel and settings app. However organization-wise I don't see the settings app to be any better than the control panel. I think they should of left all the settings in the control panel, and just added some of the same ones to the settings app for tablet users. Instead we're left with some settings that can only be accessed in one and not the other - what a dis-joined mess.

    The UI is also a bit of a mess in certain areas, but it's usable, and it's not burn your retinas XP ugly, at least. I also agree with the OP; it's " a hundred different programmers just threw all their own ideas into a box and Windows 10 is the final product."

    On the plus side, Windows 10 is fast, seems stable - but I'm in a VM and without the full load of software installed. On initial impression, I do like the Edge browser. Computer management, group policies, sec polices yada yada yada, all seem to still be there, but I haven't combed through them all to see if any options were removed.

    Will I upgrade? Probably not on any serious machines. I'll see if I can update from Windows 8.1 on the family laptop and personal tablet. Everything else will stay on 7, at least until such a time where Windows 10 becomes polished and ready.
  11. jobeard

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    Step back, take a breath and consider. The advent of Smart Phones created a whole new GUI look and feel (out of necessity). Everything was by touch and we lost drop down menus. How did you react to it? It was all new and the blush of new love just stormed the market. No one was a Power User on these platforms and we just accepted the behaviors and that appears to still be with us. [recall the smart phone was also an Apple innovation.]

    Now Windows comes along and tries to take that same GUI and flop in on top of a PC (and Apple has refrained from this approach on its desktop to systems. food for thought there). Win/8* got a bad rap and the absence of the start menu was just not accepted. Also recall that the apps on a cellphone control access to the files, where as on a desktop, various file associations allow multiple applications to access the same file.

    Win/9 wasn't even brought to market and now Win/10 is here with a restored Start menu. However, that alone is not likely to placate Windows Desktop users! WHY?

    Desktop vs Cellphone users have different expectations - - and that's the whole problem. The apps have some neat features, but they just are not sufficient for some tasks. To solve some issues, an add-on keyboard can be purchased.
    Hear that - - an add-on KB for extensive writing, spreadsheets.

    So, I conclude that our personal expectations color our objectivity and therefore our satisfaction. That may be a much broader axiom than just desktop vs cellphones.
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  12. TheBigFatClown

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    Your post is hilarious. Who exactly do you want to be objective? My operating system is personal to me. Were not objective about anything we purchase in life for the most part. It sounds like you are saying if we could only look at Windows from another perspective, the theoretical "right" perspective, we would all be happy. LOL. That's true of anything when you go into that line of thought.

    Microsoft tried to make one UI for all devices. The backlash for that decision has been heard across the internet. And now they are correcting it, to a degree.
  13. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 11,128   +982

    Personally, I rather be using Linux or my wife's Mac. I was not saying that YOU are not objective, but our expectations impact OUR objectivity. IMO, there's no single right answer. Peace buddy.
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