Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak: iPhone 13 no different than previous iPhones

I don't need Wozniak to tell me what I can already see myself. Since iPhone X it's been almost the same phone. This applies to Android flagship phones as well.
Seems the Pixel 6 is a solid product and finally has upgraded to a level worth a trade-in.The new Tensor chip and the updated UI and Andriod 12 at $599, a solid deal, another $300 for the pro probably not worth it.


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To be fair, aside from foldable phones has there been a big evolution in phone design/function in the past decade or so? Most phones are black or silver plastic slabs and every year every company releases a new version at various price points which essentially replaces the models from the prior year with upgraded CPU/APUs, a tweak here or there to construction design or quality, etc…


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iPhone 13, just like 12, just like the 11, just like the XS, just like the XR, just like the X?

Dang, they sure are consistent - but have forgotten what the word ‘innovation’ means for quite some time now.

Slapping a new battery, processor, refresh rate, and bigger screen has yet again, been the iNorm.
At least we both see the bu.ll.shi.rt they are selling


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I have loved android but I have hearing problem so had to get new hearing aids that only work with iPhone. So I bought an iPhone.
What an expensive piece of cropped garbage.
I can not figure why anyone outside of prestige of owning an expensive phone would want with iPhone. Apps stink!


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They are selling phones every year. The new phone is basically marking the amount of years they have been selling the technology.


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As a iPhone 12 Pro Max owner who upgraded, I have to object.

The key difference that separated iPhone 13 was the inclusion of 1TB of storage.

Arguably, the 1TB storage should have been included with iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 13 should have had 1TB plus the fingerprint scanner.

Unlike "other phones" that have to rely on micro SD cards that cost a fortune and are not as fast or reliable, Apple's NAND flash makes the 1TB iPhone 13 a powerhouse for video production on the phone (when used with iMovie).

I make Travel Vlogs.

The problem with Travel Vlogs is it can be very difficult to upload and download video files to your laptop for storage unless you purposefully buy a 2TB Macbook.

You need as much storage on the phone as possible to store your clips, edit your clips together and then finalize the HD video.

When you're talking about a 5 hour travel vlog, that may cost you about 70GB of storage, but require over 150 GB for the entire finalization.

Usually, I finalize my videos by plugging iPhone into the plane's USB port (for power) and then letting it finalize in iMovie for the next 5 - 7 hours since I can't use the phone on the plane anyway and the flight is usually longer than 12 hours.

So, Wozniak, doesn't see the whole story.
"inclusion" does the 13 also have diversity? lol

Old Molases

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I think it wouldn't be a wise choice for people already using version 12 of the phone. For people using the older versions it would a be good option to opt for.