Apple fined by Taiwan's fair trade commission over iPhone, plan pricing

Shawn Knight

TechSpot Staff
Staff member
Apple has been fined 20 million New Taiwan dollars ($670,000) by Taiwan’s Fair Trade Commission for influencing iPhone retail pricing and rate plans with three of the country’s biggest wireless carriers: Chunghwa Telecom, FarEasTone Telecommunications and Taiwan Mobile.

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TS Evangelist
So if its their product they cant have the say on prices? Thats a bit pathetic they could sell the product for $1 and loose massive amounts of cash if they dont atleast control the prices of their own products.

Chuck Cortes

TS Rookie
The law is the law, plain and simple. They don't like it they can take their product somewhere else. I'm sure the Taiwanese Gov't had its reasons for this law whether it was to help its citizens get a fair price on electronic devices or for the Gov't to benefit in some way, either way its their law and Apple chose to violate it. Had it been Google doing something like this I am sure people would have been screaming "it's about time. They deserve to be fined".


TechSpot Paladin
Apple is the sole supplier of Apple products. So they think they can get away with price fixing in order to stabilize the market. This also maintains their profit levels. Which would put Apple in a great position if it were legal.