Apple iCloud services recover from nationwide outage


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Like Facebook, Apple had trouble with availability of some of its services for the second time this year when users took to social media and reported of the outage. Although Apple said that "some" users were affected, one of them who visited the company's retail stores was apparently told by employees of a much wider outage affecting every store in the world, reports MacRumors.

Developer tools including App Store Connect API, CloudKit Dashboard and TestFlight were also impacted by the outage. Issues with Apple Pay meant some users weren't able to set up Apple Cash, send/receive money, or do bank transfers using the service.

Find My Friends and Find My iPhone outages meant some users "may have been unable to find the location of their friends or devices, list registered devices, play a sound on their device, remotely wipe a device, or put the device in lost mode."

iCloud Calendar and iCloud Reminders took the longest to resolve after the services faced issues lasting for more than 5 hours. "Users may be experiencing a problem with this service" said most of the labels associated with the affected services on Apple's System Status page, all of which have been resolved since.

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I LOVE these stories!

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Local Government Encrypted with Ransomware!

I find it hillarious that the cause of this mess are the same Corporations demanding that you can't even blow your nose now unless you are online


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Which is why I use the cloud as a SECOND backup, not the first.
I maintain my files on a removable drive or DVD, and the cloud.
Putting all your eggs in one basket, can really bite you if you can't
access them.