Apple loses preliminary injunction against Galaxy Tab 10.1N


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Dismissing Apple's attempted injunctions, a Duesseldorf court has cleared the modified Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1N for sale in Germany. The decision comes after several rulings against Samsung in a series…

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is this what a company that over charges for their products do with their money?
file endless BS suits, not letting other people even have a chance to move up


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Agreed with Guest.

Looks nothing like iPad. Different screen aspect ratio, entirely different ratio of case, OS doesn't look anything like iOS, and I don't think Samsung has TouchWiz on tablets..


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But don't Apple laptops look the same as Microsoft laptops? They're both clam-shell designs with a screen on top and a keyboard on the bottom...


Praise the Mighty Apple! How dare you say that?! It's the other way around... right?


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Why isn't Samsung suing Apple about the iPad given that the iPad looks EXACTLY like their picture frame from 2006?

P.S. Thank the LACK of software patents during the early development time that we actually have the modern web and the innovation that followed. If you REALLY want to see who was the father of the modern software, check out the Dough Engelbart demo of the NLS system in 1968. He introduced the mouse, the modern UI with what you see is what you get support, hypertext, object addressing, dynamic file linking, shared-screen collaboration involving two persons at different sites communicating over a network with audio and video interface.

So in reality all of the "innovators" at Apple and other companies have just put a shiny exterior onto something from 1968.


I hope apple dies in a blase of glorious losses...or something like that ;)