Apple releases Safari 4, fixes numerous security issues

By Jos
Jun 9, 2009
  1. Following an official announcement yesterday at WWDC ’09, Apple has released a new version of Safari to the masses. The updated browser delivers a laundry list of security fixes, eleven of them specific to Windows, along with a handful of new features – although if you’ve been using the beta then there’s not much new. These include a revamped user interface, cover flow history browsing and full page zoom; among other things.

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  2. oinari

    oinari TS Rookie

    Safari 4 is freaky fast. A lot of people will contest that browser speed is always debatable. But I've tested it vs chrome on a number of websites and it's been winning by margins where I don't need to time anything. But that's just my experience. All in all, I still love my Firefox/Chrome combo too much to make a permanent switch.
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