Following an official announcement yesterday at WWDC ’09, Apple has released a new version of Safari to the masses. The updated browser delivers a laundry list of security fixes, eleven of them specific to Windows, along with a handful of new features – although if you’ve been using the beta then there’s not much new. These include a revamped user interface, cover flow history browsing and full page zoom; among other things.

Safari 4 also introduces support for the latest web standards, which include implementations of HTML 5 and CSS 3, as well as a new JavaScript engine called Nitro that Apple claims performs up to four times faster than Safari 3. The company goes as far as proclaiming it the world’s fastest browser. Several independent tests actually show that is not the case, but results are close enough to current leader Chrome that it may not even matter much in real-world usage. You can grab Safari 4 from our download section in both Windows and Mac flavors.