Apple wins Harris Interactive Brand of the Year in three categories

By Justin Kahn
Jul 26, 2013
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  1. Apple has been awarded the Harris Interactive Brand of the Year in the three different categories in the research firm's latest ranking of brands based on surveys of US consumers. Harris Interactive annually publishes data based on market place perception...

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  2. So they steal other peoples ideas. Role it into their products and get rewarded for it. LOLZ
  3. Yep Apple steels others innovation. Lets see. Usb first on apple and also fire wire. Then all the PCs ugly might I say follow. Thunder bolt. Pcs follow. All in one monitor pc follow me apple. GUI on apple widely excepted by users on Apple first and microsoft after finishing project for Apple becomes their competitor in software market. Same with I phone. Large computer like GUI on phone iPhone made popular by Apple. Same with tablet. Others came to market no one like their interface and did not care to buy Apple made it popular by good ios design. Same with iPod and itunes. Pc did not even have a mouse. Apple again make it popular. Also think about the first sea through imac and the pc market copy with all the neon case mods and acrilic stuff. But keep hating on Apple. They did same thing with tv interface. And it seems that when apple starts the competition it always becomes fierce and gets the market moving like a storm. When Apple steps in they really turn up the heat. They move technology at the speed of light. Just my observation. So I love apple for moving the tech involved. When you need motion you bound to step on a few toes but that is what being alive means. Apple live on. And don't ever change for any sour toes.

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