Apple's first mixed reality headset could have 8K displays and over a dozen cameras

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Editor's take: A new report notes that Apple has internally discussed pricing its mixed reality headset around $3,000. At that price, it’d be slightly more affordable than the $3,500 Microsoft HoloLens 2 but still outside the realm of what most people would consider affordable. As such, the first iteration could very well be a niche product with low adoption.

Apple’s upcoming mixed-reality headset will reportedly pack more than a dozen cameras and other high-tech hardware according to a source familiar with its development as reported by The Information (paywall, via MacRumors).

The array of cameras would facilitate tracking for hand movements and allow the user to see the real world while donning the wearable.

The visor will also reportedly be equipped with 8K displays and advanced tech to handle eye tracking, the source said. Based on images of a late-stage prototype seen by the publication, swappable headbands will hold the headset in place while worn.

Bands could also afford added functionality, the report claims. One band could pack spatial audio tech while another might offer up additional battery life. They could also come in a variety of colors, like the swappable ear cushions on the AirPods Max headphones.

Users could have options when it comes to how to control the device as well. At least one prototype featured a physical dial on the side of the visor. The unit could also respond to a wearer’s hand gestures and eye movements. Optionally, a control could be worn on the tip of your finger to assist with navigation.

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I have no idea what the Apple Headset will bring, but I know 3 things:

#1 It will have higher build quality than anything else with innovative features.

#2 It will cost a fortune.

#3 It would be what it should have been till Headset#2.

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There are a number of things a headset like this could be great for, but the price needs to come way down. 12 camera seems excessive though.

There are plenty of people who will want this simply because it's an apple version of a headset. I'd love to try one, but for this to survive to subsequent generations, it will need amazing software to go with it.


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If niche product means less than 1% will be dumb enough to lay down that kind of money then ..... yes!
It will likely be like Microsoft's HoloLens and be primarily for enterprise users. There are some use cases there for visualization and collaborative designing.


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At that resolution, you will most likely only drive video content.
Source graphics will likely be @ 4K and they they will use AI upscalers to raise the resolution to 8K. This works nicely on 8K sets that upscale 4K material.


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Source graphics will likely be @ 4K and they they will use AI upscalers to raise the resolution to 8K. This works nicely on 8K sets that upscale 4K material.
The problem is that upscaling introduces latency and we are talking about two 8K displays (one for both eyes) and has to be at least 60Hz (stable 60fps) if not 90Hz. Even next gen GPUs will be even close to running anything beyond video content and specialized software (maybe some smaller game titles that work on the Quest too).