Apple's OS X Mavericks goes live today as a free download, even for holdouts still on Snow Leopard


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Apple kicked off today’s media event going over the tenth release in the history of OSX. Dubbed Mavericks, the newest version of Apple’s operating system focuses on three core areas: technologies, features and apps. The company already walked us through...

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Jad Chaar

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Wow my 2010 iMac is very laggy after updating to Mavericks. The memory usage is 3.99GB/4GB 90% of the time.

Turns out it was installing an update in the background. The issue is gone. I am really liking the better performance I am getting. I also feel like the colors are much more accurate.


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Free update. That's pretty cool. I was wondering what the licenses would cost for upgrading all our labs. Nothing. Awesome.
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AWESOME!!!.. I almost bought the ML through app store last month. good thing I didn't. now I just have to wait until all my enterprise software to be caught up on patches to work with 10.9 Maverick before I can install it.